Who is Nina
An old poetic soul, fortunate to call a passion her career.

I'd say I'm a quiet, (too) honest and caring human. Living in a small country called Croatia.

From a regular person to a regular person, a wedding is probably a very rare occasion in our lives when we’re at our best, our happiest. Events filled with such positive vibes of love and hope for the best future to come are a rarity.

As a documentary wedding photographer what excites me most is, seeing all the little details of the day and all the big emotions, creating a photo story that might be a momentum for relationships in the difficult times. A happy marriage is so much work throughout life that changes us as individuals in profound ways. Having that little something that reminds us how it felt on the day when it all started is a little treasure. I guess, writing this, I’m also a romantic.

The people who's unions I document are looking to celebrate authentic and meaningful weddings, without following any convictions. If this speaks to you on any level - an email from you would make my day.


A SOUND - Rain falling

A MOOD - Melancholy

A SEASON - Autumn

A HABIT - Early mornings

A CITY - Vienna


A JOY - Fresh sheets


EVERYDAY TASK - Driving a car

A SUPERPOWER - Contentment

A DEEP REGRET - not studying Architecture

Nina Anic Wedding Photographer

I'm very honored that you're considering booking me for your wedding day

I can promise that I'll give every ounce of my love and attention to create artistic and meaningful photographs.

Style and Attitude

A note about what it is like to have me as your photographer

A wedding day is whirlwind of emotions, sometimes a tight schedule, sometimes a relaxed day with the dearest people – but it should never be just about the photography.

I believe in giving you space to let your day unfold naturally. I’ll never make you put on your shoes twice or spend more time for couple photos than you’d be comfortable giving. Documenting the day without much interference might just give you the dearest images of moments you didn’t even realize I was there to document.

If I were to choose the couples who contact me for their weddings, those people would be madly in love, have a wee bit of an an artistic eye and plan their wedding with much love and attention to detail.

Honest, loving people who want a day that reflects who they are, so I can give them an authentic and narrative photo story. If this is you, please reach out to me.